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(Review) Joey Mattress Topper: Can It Help You Sleep Better?

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The Joey Mattress Topper Review

You might recall we’ve talked about Joey Mattress’s bedsheets and pillow before. Both good products but the prices were not as accessible as most would like. Now, they’ve rolled out the Joey Mattress Topper. Is it a game-changer or just another topper? Let’s give it a fair review.

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The Joey Mattress Topper - Packaging
The Joey Mattress Topper – Packaging

First Impressions

We got to try out the Queen size topper, thanks to Joey Mattress. The packaging is impressively compact – even for Queen size – fitting easily into a car boot at about 100cm tall. The box design is nice and clean, showing that the Joey brand put a lot of thoughts into their branding. But let’s remember, it’s what’s inside that counts most.

The Joey Mattress Topper - Comfy
The Joey Mattress Topper – Comfy

Joey Mattress Topper – Is It Comfy?

The material is made primarily using a proprietary technology which they call J-Foam Balanced™. Basically, it’s a blend of their J-Foam Comfort and Support, which are what they use for their Joey Mattress. But what is the actual foam blend? It’s a synthetic polymer called polyurethane. 

While it’s firm and less likely to sag, those preferring a softer, more plush feel (like you’d get from natural latex) might find it too hard. It has a decent bounce, but it might not hit the sweet spot for everyone.

Top Knit Cover & Thickness

The Joey Mattress Topper - Top Knit Cover & Thickness
The Joey Mattress Topper – Top Knit Cover & Thickness

The anti-dust mite, hypoallergenic top knit cover is a standard feature in toppers, but the air vents is a nice addition not found in cheaper models. However, it doesn’t offer any notable cooling effect, which is fine and definitely not a deal breaker since it doesn’t feel warm either.

A plus point for the topper is that it is 6 cm thick, which is 1-2 cm thicker than cheaper toppers but you can easily find 6-8 cm toppers for the same price as this. But it is important to note that thicker is not always better.

Corner Holders

The Joey Mattress Topper - Corner Holders
The Joey Mattress Topper – Corner Holders

The elastic corner holders are designed to fit mattresses up to 30 cm thick. They work well with our 20 cm mattress, but stretching them further may take a bit of effort. This might be a concern if you have thicker mattresses.

Sizes & Pricing

Available in Single, Super Single, Queen, and King sizes, the prices range from RM495 to RM795. This is reasonable for the quality, but it’s not the most budget-friendly option out there. Though, if you do a survey of toppers of similar quality on the market – they are mostly in this range, with natural latex toppers priced about RM200+ higher than this.

Free Delivery & Warranty

The free delivery across Malaysia and a 99-night trial are great perks, especially if you’re hesitant about the price. The 2-year warranty is also reassuring, but it’s pretty standard across the industry.

Buy Online

Joey Mattress Topper

Joey Mattress Topper

Free Shipping & 99-Night Trial. 4 Saiz: Single, Super Single, Queen dan King.

Joey Mattress Official Website
From RM495


In summary, the Joey Mattress Topper has its strengths – durable material, a thicker design, and good hypoallergenic features. Most people would enjoy the softness and the price is quite reasonable. It’s a solid product, but whether it’s the right fit for you depends on your personal comfort preference and budget considerations.

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