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Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Dark Edition Robot Vacuum Out Now on Shopee!

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"A stronger self-sterilizing & self-emptying robot vacuum!"

Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus, the self-sterilizing & self-emptying Robot Vacuum launched by the Xiaomi Ecological Chain brand ROIDMI, offers a more convenient and healthier home cleaning solution. And the sleek all-white design of it has impressed customers across the globe. ROIDMI now launches the dark edition of EVE Plus with improved cleaning power.

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ROIDMI EVE Plus has been widely recognized since it was launched last year in more than 100 countries including Germany, the U.S., Poland, Russia and France. ROIDMI navigates its R&D with user experience. The top-quality products and services ROIDMI offers are the reason why ROIDMI EVE Plus is celebrated by so many customers.

Roidmi Eve Plus Dark Edition Features

Waste in the dust tray of the robot is sucked away into an enclosed dust bag in the base station. The bag is 3L large, enough for 60 days, but it’s the antibacterial feature of it that really makes ROIDMI EVE Plus stand out. Thanks to ROIDMI’s innovative deodorizing-ion generator, 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and parasites in the dust bag are oxidized, so is the matter that produces odors. It eliminates the health hazards of traditional self-emptying robot vacuums and protects the health of the family.

To meet the upgraded user needs, ROIDMI now launches the ROIDMI EVE Plus dark edition, stronger than the original model. There is no place on the ground for waste to hide as the dark edition upgrades the original 2,700Pa suction power to a super high 3,200Pa to meet the need for deeper cleaning.

Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Dark Edition

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Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Dark Edition

Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum

with Clean Base Smart Dust Collection Station


Other features of the ROIDMI EVE Plus black edition are equally powerful as those of the white edition. The mopping module has a 220ml water tank with an intelligent microchip-controlled watering system (with which you can set the water flow), enough to mop 250m² when it’s full. Equipped with the 5,200mAh battery and intelligent BMS battery management system, the dark edition has a runtime of up to 250 minutes, enough to cover 250m² with a full charge. It has the latest-gen LDS laser radar system to scan and map precisely. With the intelligent environment sensing system, it can easily get out of trouble and avoid obstacles. Covered with sensors of multiple types, the robot has an upgraded sensing system to keep itself from being trapped or falling.

The masterpiece product EVE PLUS being upgraded demonstrates ROIDMI’s tireless growth and insatiable spirit of progress in creating quality high-tech products for consumers around the world and bringing them a deeper level of cleanliness, convenience and health. 

Now available on Shopee Malaysia!

Link to Official Website – Here

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