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Top 10 Best Smartwatches in Malaysia 2022 (Budget + Pro)

Best Smartwatch Malaysia
"Smarwatches need not be expensive!"

Looking for an upgrade from your regular watch? A techy but stylish smartwatch with loads of convenient features may be just what you need. Yes! Today we’ll share with you guys the Top 10 Best Smartwatches in Malaysia on Shopee & Lazada, so you may start living a smarter, organized and healthy lifestyle!

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How We Pick

We thought it would best to pick smartwatches by a set of decision-making factors that we define as below. For an in-depth smartwatch buying guide, scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Overall design: 1.2” to 1.5” rounded and square display, comfortable & stylish.
  • Overall durability: mostly 200mAh or more battery life, IP67 water or dust resistant and above (up to 5 ATM).
  • Use & performance: Mostly Android and iOS compatible, 10+ sports modes, built-in pedometer, sleep and heart monitoring, easy of navigation and other factors.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth at least 4.0, GPS built-in (but not all)
  • Price & budget: Some in lower end in the budget category, some above RM300 but still budget, some in the high-end category.

Overall Design

Our selection includes round and square shaped display, between 1.2” to 1.5”. However, we only picked LCD or AMOLED displays for pricing concerns. We also picked those that in our opinion, are most fashionable within the price range.

Overall Durability

We wanted to choose smartwatches with good battery life (above 260mAh) so you won’t have to constantly charge it, but some will be below our threshold because of budget concerns. All selections use lithium-ion.


We chose those that are compatible with both Android and iOS systems but note that the performance with third part apps may not be optimal. Also considered are built-in pedometer, sleep and heart rate monitoring as well as ease of navigation.


The latest smartwatch should have BT5.0 but BT4.0 will still work fine. Some have GPS built-in which is great but comes at a higher price.

Price & Budget

Based on our anecdotal evidence, most Malaysian buyers are willing to spend between RM200 to RM800 for a smartwatch though of course some will prefer high end ones. We prepared this list with focus on RM200 to RM800 range.

All these products can be purchased directly at :

Table of Contents

Shoptrack's Choice

Best Smartwatches Brands in Malaysia


Realme Watch 2 Smartwatch

Good Option for a Budget Under RM300
Pros: Responsive 1.4” LCD screen, IP68 water and dust resistant, affordable.
Cons: No GPS.
Specifications – OS: Android | Display: 1.4” LCD | Weight: 38g | GPS: No | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Water Resistant: IP68 | Battery: 315mAh.
The Realme Watch 2 Smartwatch is a great option for a budget smartwatch under RM300 if you mainly look for a gadget for helping you live a healthy lifestyle without fussing too much on getting exact accurate data. The 38g device is marketed as an accessible smartwatch with more than 90 sports modes. But make no mistake, it’s suitable for daily use too. The large 1.4” LCD screen makes it pretty easy to navigate across apps while also producing decent clear pictures. With no heavy use, the 315mAh battery can last up to 12 days with only 2 hours of charging with a USB magnetic charger. The design also makes it easy for you to swap the silicone band should you want to customize. Other interesting features include 24-hour heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen, music control, camera control and power saving mode. Warranty is 1 to 1 exchange within one year. Overall, a pretty good deal for a budget smartwatch.
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Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

Best Fitness Smartwatch Under RM300
Pros: Affordable smartwatch with GPS and AMOLED 1.6” display.
Cons: Smaller battery capacity compared to other similar priced models.
Specifications – OS: Android, iOS | Display: 1.6” AMOLED | GPS: Yes | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Water Resistant: 5ATM | Battery: 200mAh.

The Amazfit GTS Smartwatch is, for us, the best budget smartwatch under RM300. With this smartwatch, you don’t only get GPS built-in, but also an AMOLED 1.65” display that will produce great pictures. The AMOLED display also allows the manufacturer to create a slim smartwatch that actually looks pretty cool. The battery though is only about 200mAh lithium-ion polymer but is marketed to be able to last up to 14 days with 3 hours to full charge. Although, if you do use the sports features daily, it probably won’t last that long. Another strong point is the 5ATM water resistant which allows you to wear it while swimming. Feature-wise, it comes with 12 sports modes, complete with PPG heart rate tracking with biotracker sensor. It’s compatible with Android 5.0 and above as well as iOS 10.0 and above. Worth it and recommended!

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Check Latest Price on Popular Store
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Windmile X8 Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch Under RM100
Pros: Super affordable, 1.5" IPS LCD screen.
Cons: No GPS, small battery capacity.
Specifications – OS: Android | Display: 1.5” IPS LCD | GPS: No | Bluetooth: 4.2 | Water Resistant: Minimal | Battery: 180mAh.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch under RM100 with super basic functions, the Windmile X8 may be something to consider. There’s not much you should expect with this: there is no GPS, the Bluetooth is only BT4.0, the 1.5” HD display is only okay (240x240), the battery is only 180mAh and the water-resistant level is minimal (can’t take swimming or even in shower). But it is equipped with a pedometer for step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep monitoring apps while being light on your wrist. You can also control music playback, check message notification, take calls, as well as camera control via Bluetooth. That’s not too bad for a smartwatch under RM100.

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Check Latest Price on Popular Store
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PHL Watch Music Pro Smartwatch

Budget Smartwatch for Music
Pros: 8GB music storage, 260mAh battery, IP67 water resistant.
Cons: No GPS.
Specifications – OS: Android, iOS | Display: 1.28” TFT| GPS: No | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Water Resistant: IP67 | Battery: 260mAh.

The PHL Watch Music Pro smartwatch takes a different angle than other smartwatches in the sense that it appeals to music lovers while also featuring various sports modes. At an affordable price, you get a 1.28” HD round screen which is not as great as AMOLED but still okay. It comes with 8GB for music storage with headphone mode. You just have to download the song, transfer to your Smartwatch and listen as much as you want! The smartwatch is also IP67 water resistant which is a nice feature at this price point. Among other functions include heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, blood pressure monitor, smart sport mode and custom face watch. Not to forget, the warranty is for one year.

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Check Latest Price on Popular Store
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Coros Pace 2 Smartwatch

Good Option for a High-End Smartwatch
Pros: GPS, lightweight at 35g only, 5 ATM water resistant, good battery, lasts 20 days.
Cons: Expensive.
Specifications – OS: Android, iOS | Display: 1.2” LCD| Weight: 35g | GPS: Yes | Bluetooth: 4.2 | Water Resistant: 5 ATM | Battery: 310mAh.

One of the best smartwatches in the high-end category in Malaysia is Coros Pace 2 Smartwatch, which is also very popular despite the price. Overall, it has a simple 1.2” LCD 240x240 round-shaped touchscreen design with corning glass to make it durable. It is also a 5ATM water resistant (50 Meters /164 feet depth) so it’s great for water-based sport activities but not for diving or anything like that. The wristband material is made of silicone and only weighs 29 grams. With 2 hours to full charge, the battery may last up to 20 days with regular use. The Coros Pace 2 Smart Watch also features technologies such as Optical Heart Rate Monitor, Barometric Altimeter, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Thermometer, GPS and 200 sports modes.

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Check Latest Price on Popular Store
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Kospet Raptor Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch Under RM200
Pros: Cheap, IP68 water resistant, 20 sports modes.
Cons: No GPS, only Bluetooth 4.0, TFT display, may be bit heavy for some.
Specifications – OS: Android, iOS | Display: 1.3” TFT | Weight: 50g | GPS: No | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Water Resistant: IP68| Battery: 230mAh.

If you like the round display design but not willing to pay more than RM200 for it, you may want to choose either the PHL Music Pro or this Kospet Raptor. The bezel is made out of iron making it a shockproof design which is suitable for outdoor activities despite being super cheap. The display is 1.3” TFT which is not that great but it is rounded shape like a regular watch. Also, while cheap it is also durable as far as water resistant is concerned with IP68 water and dust resistant level. Like other smartwatches, this model is equipped with a 24-hour heart rate monitor, call reminder, sedentary reminder, music control, breath training, and 20 sports modes. Overall, it’s a value for money kind of product.

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Amazfit BIP U Pro Fitness Smartwatch
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Amazfit BIP U Pro Fitness Smartwatch

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Smart Watch
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Maimo Smart Watch

Maimo Smart Watch

HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Smart Watch
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Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart Watch



Decide the budget that you have. Then decide also what features you will need and what you are going to use the smartwatch for. Here are some of our selections:

What Is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a timekeeping device that is also integrated with a wide variety of activity-trascking and communication features, usually designed to work well with smartphones.

What Can You Do with A Smartwatch?

The main function of a watch is of course to provide the time of day. But besides timekeeping, a smartwatch – as the term “smart” implies – is also capable of a wide range of health and activity tracking such as ECG heart rate monitoring, step counting, SpO2 meter, as well as communication activity like displaying notifications, messages, to-do lists and taking calls.

Not all smartwatches are able to do all those things, however. So, first think about what you need and the budget you have.

Fitness Trackers vs Smartwatch

OK so if a smartwatch can do all those things, then what’s the difference between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch? Well, years ago when fitness trackers first hit the market, they were marketed specifically as a device for activity-monitoring (and still are). But as those devices became more and more popular, smartwatch manufacturers incorporated those very same features into their products. Today, many smartwatches can do almost everything a fitness tracker can. But fitness trackers are still cheaper than smartwatches though.

Realme, Xiaomi and Corus are some of the brands with smart watches with a particular focus on assisting in sports and daily activities. But there are many other popular smartwatch brands out there with designs suited for both women and men, ranging from budget smartwatches to high-end versions.

Pros & Cons of Smartwatches

So, are smartwatches worth it? Consider these pros & cons:


  • Able to track activity and provide insights on your fitness performance.
  • Let you view phone messages, notifications, take calls and perform various other actions from your wrist.
  • Can look pretty stylish and fashionable.


  • Need to be recharged after 1 – 12 days depending on the product and use.
  • Much more expensive than a regular watch or fitness tracker.
  • May be less durable than a regular watch.


Smartwatch Buying Guide

Before deciding on this or that smartwatch, perhaps it’s a good idea to think about the exact reason why you’d need a smartwatch. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you exercise regularly and have fitness goals (you should, btw)?
  • Would you like to keep track of your health or fitness on a daily level? If so, what kind of data would you like to see?
  • Are you an athlete or aspiring athlete and would like to have top-level insights on your sports performance?
  • Would you find digital tools and apps on your wearable that are designed for organizing tasks, meetings and communications helpful?


If you’re set on getting a smartwatch, here are some things to consider:

  • OS & compatibility
  • Display size and quality
  • Weight, comfort & style
  • Material
  • Battery life
  • Water or dust resistant
  • Modes & features
  • Connectivity
  • Price & budget


OS & Phone Compatibility

The first thing you need to consider is the most important consideration: to ensure your smartwatch is compatible with your phone. Apple Watches can only run on iOS devices, so if you use many iOS devices, best if you stick within the Apple ecosystem. The same is true for Android users (Samsung smartwatch for Samsung devices). Note that there are many smartwatches that are compatible with both Android and iOS but sticking within the ecosystem ensures the most seamless experience. But if you don’t have the budget, it’s fine to go outside the ecosystem.

Display Size and Quality

There are 3 main displays for smartwatches in Malaysia: LCD, AMOLED and OLED. LCD or AMOLED produce colourful, richer and brighter colour at the expense of higher battery usage. Higher end smartwatches often feature OLED display to create slimmer displays.

Display size on the other hand, often ranges between 1.2” to 1.5” inches, in either round or square shape. Obviously, you’d want a big display if you plan to perform many actions from your wrist but bigger isn’t necessarily better because weight is also important.

Weight, Comfort & Style

When choosing a smartwatch, comfort is the one thing that’s quite difficult to judge since there is no one size fits all smartwatch.

Weight may not be something people consider a lot but if your smartwatch feels too ‘heavy’ for your wrist, it may cause discomfort after prolong use. Check also if the wristband or buckle is easy to swap in case you’d like to customize its style.


When in doubt, get a smartwatch from a reputable brand as they likely have a strict QAQC procedure to ensure the quality and durability is as advertised.

Battery Life

Having to constantly charge your smartwatch is a bit annoying. Think about what apps you’ll use often and how fast they drain the battery, and cross check with the battery life to get an estimate.

Most smartwatches can last up to 2 weeks if you don’t use the resource-intensive features.

Water or Dust Resistant

It’s always a good idea to get a smartwatch that’s water or dust resistant. The level of resistance is usually denoted with the code IPXX. Check out our guide on the IP waterproof standards to know more.

Modes & Features

If you’re a sports & fitness junkie, this is important. You want to buy a smartwatch that provides a variety of fitness and sleep tracking functions that suit your needs. Most current smartwatches already have a built-in heart rate monitor and pedometer for step counting and tracking. If you often exercise outdoor, get one with a GPS too.

Note that some fitness trackers may actually be more reliable than a smartwatch. Note also that GPS or some other features may drain the battery faster than others.


Most smartwatches come with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. A select few offer cellular LTE connectivity such as the Apple Watch Series 3. You likely will need to subscribe to an additional mobile plan such as the Digi AirSIM which allows you to share the same phone number with your phone and smartwatch.

Price & Budget

Smartwatches in Malaysia can be divided into 3 categories: high end, mid-range, and budget. High-end smartwatches like the Apply Watch Series 7, go for north of RM800 to RM1700. Mid-range smartwatches can be found priced at lower than RM800 but above RM400, whereas budget smartwatches cost typically RM200 to RM400, some even under RM200.

Taking Care of Your Smartwatch

Most smartwatches likely will last somewhere between 1-2 years. So, here are some tips on how to keep your smartwatch in tip-top condition:

  • Wipe the display screen with clean, dry microfibre cloth.
  • Maximize battery life by adjusting brightness, screen timeout and by minimizing apps in the background.
  • Keep your smartwatch away from water if possible. Check your smartwatch water resistant level.
  • Keep your smartwatch away from intense heat.
  • Apply a screen protector if possible.


A: Some things you may want to check are OS compatibility, battery life, water or dust resistant level, whether it has built-in GPS and the various sports modes you’ll need.
A: The key is not to overcharge. Regular cleaning of the surface of the smartwatch after sports and daily activities is also beneficial. Also, keep it away from heat source.
A: The best smartwatch brands in the Malaysian market are Realme, Coros, Kospet, Amazfit, Windmile, PHL, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple.
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