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It's Official! QR Code Can Now Be Used Between Malaysia (DuitNow) & Indonesia (QRIS)

Guna QR Code antara Malaysia (DuitNow) & Indonesia (QRIS)
"Travelers now find it easier to shop in neighboring countries!"

Today, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Bank Indonesia (BI) have officially announced the commercial launch of cross-border QR code payment integration between Malaysia and Indonesia.

In a statement released by Bank Negara Malaysia, the cross-border payment cooperation and integration is now supported by various banks and non-bank financial institutions. This is certainly exciting news, isn’t it?

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QRIS and DuitNow Are Now Can Be Use in Malaysia & Indonesia

With the launch of this strategic collaboration, not only will the tourism sector of both countries be boosted, but retail payment transactions will also be faster, more convenient, and systematic.

Citizens of both countries can now benefit from the use of QR code technology in electronic payments by scanning the QR Code Standard Pembayaran Nasional (QRIS) or DuitNow QR QR via their respective e-wallets for direct payments to local sellers or merchants.


This collaboration is expected to enhance economic growth between the countries, particularly in relation to cross-border tourism spending.

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